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Immigration Love Story - Turned Sour

When hearts break, so may the hopes of permanent visas!

Our latest story is that of a young woman with a three month old baby that was referred to us by her real estate agent. Let’s call her Sue (we cannot reveal her real name for safety reasons). Sue approached us whilst on her temporary partner visa waiting for a positive result on her permanent partner visa application. The department of immigration was taking a while reviewing the case and whilst that was in progress, she suffered a relationship break down with her visa sponsor. She also had a three month old baby to look after.

She was abused several times by her partner and took out several AVO’s against him, only to have them revoked after reconciling their differences. On numerous occasions she feared for her life and was seriously physically harmed leading to her hospitalization.

When Sue said enough is enough, the visa sponsor, her husband, pulled out the oldest trick in the visa sponsorship book; a threat to call immigration and have them ‘cancel’ her visa.

Hysterical, she contacted Eli from ADI Immigration and started to explain her story. Throughout this process she understood that her husband could not simply call immigration and have them issue a visa

cancellation. There is due process which must be followed. Part of this due process is having Sue’s side of the story heard.

When Eli compiled a submission to the department of immigration he appealed on the basis of the immigration family violence laws. These laws are in place to protect people just like Sue. The department was informed of the relationship breakdown, provided with evidence of the family violence and was satisfied that the breakdown of the relationship was caused by the sponsor.

The department of immigration granted Sue a permanent visa last week.

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