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We're good at what we do... here's proof;


So many Migration Agent's begin with a very personalized approach to each and every client. Unfortunately, after a while, they get caught up with the aim to get the process completed and the visa application lodged so that they can close the case and move on to their next client. What differentiates ADI is our ongoing support and help service to every client, no matter how big or small, pre or post visa application. We believe this is what has kept our business so successful and resulted in such a high success rate and so many happy clients. See the testimonials for yourself;

Larissa, Business Visa

"It was a pleasure dealing with such professionals! When my family first approached ADI for help in obtaining a business visa, everything appeared to be so complex. I thought that I would be never be able to obtain all the required paperwork for a visa application as the requirements seemed to be linked so much to immigration law, which I did not understand very well at all! Thankfully, we were advised by ADI every step of the way and all we had to do was act as per their instructions. We have now obtained a business visa and feel that the process was much smoother and quicker than expected. The team at ADI always tried to save our money without offering all sorts of additional services and always told us 'we can help you, but that is something you are able to easily do yourself'. Thank you, ADI!"

Artyom & Masha, Business Visa

"Our family had one dream; Australia! ADI provided us with the support we needed to come to Australia first, check out the market and business opportunities and understand that this country is where we want to live and work. All the work for the preparation of the documents for the visa application was conducted by ADI and we found them to be very professional. None of our documents required more elaboration or explanation at the Department of Immigration. We received the approval for the visa very quickly and are now living and have successfully moved our business to Melbourne, Australia."

Anastasia, Skilled Migration Visa

"I'd like to say lots of thanks to ADI. I was impressed very much with their service which included a very high standard of: efficiency and accuracy, ability to provide detailed and informative responses, guidance through the various stages of the process, timely responses to, and patience with any concerns, and overall excellence in regards to their professionalism. I am beyond thrilled and happy with the services they provided and am now the very happy recipient of a Permanent Resident visa for Australia (visa Subclass 175, Skilled Migrant). I don't think I could have accomplished this without them, and can't thank them enough. Actually I applied several times to different immigration agencies, but unfortunately none of them could help me find an appropriate option to get PR. I cannot imagine any client not being happy with their services, and I strongly recommend them to anyone currently using or contemplating the use of their services."

Vasili & Oksana, Skilled Migration Visa

"Immigrating to a new country is always said to be difficult and especially emotionally draining in a process that can often take more than one year. My wife, daughter and I were determined to go down the immigration route and moved to Australia in 2007 after a tourist trip to the country. Upon returning home to Russia, we could think of nothing else other than constantly making plans to move. I was advised by friends to go to a familiar Russian speaking immigration lawyer in Cairns. This did not work out as we did not find a common language, even though we spoke the same language! Then we had an unsuccessful experience of three months of correspondence with an Australian English speaking migration agent. Finally, desperate to see the light at the end of the tunnel called 'permanent residency', we finally heard some good advice, to turn to ADI Immigration. We received this advice sceptically, nevertheless, we decided to call. When we did call, we spoke to Alexander for two hours! On a very heart to heart level, he advised us how to proceed.


Three years of working on a perfect visa situation followed, if there is such a thing. We moved sequentially from the visa option to option, having looked through several options at a time; student, business and professional. Involved in this process was the recognition of diplomas, writing business plans, IELTS exams, mountains of documents and translations. The main thing, however, is that the desired result was achieved; we are finally permanent residents of Australia! At first glance the role of a migration agent is small as all decisions are made by a government body, the Department of Immigration. However, it is very difficult to say that we could have passed through this period without the professional experience, knowledge and friendly support of the team at ADI Immigration. Many times, in despair, we called the team at ADI, usually after another IELT's failure, we were cheered up and after been given some advice, moved on.


After receiving our permanent visa, we often call the team regarding new daily questions that arise in the process of living in a completely new country. From Medicare to private health insurance and general financial advice, the well rounded team at ADI is able to offer many other services, not just immigration. After living in a new country for a year or two you realize that the process of obtaining a permanent residency is only the beginning of a new path in life. It is necessary to constantly work on a very steep learning curve - language, adapting occupation to local conditions and sometimes beginning a career from scratch. One can remain a constant tourist if one does not join into social and professional life. We are finally beginning to feel like real Australian's and we cannot recommend ADI Immigration highly enough!"

Lev, Business Visa

"I applied for the Subclass 163 Business Visa through ADI. I was very worried I would not receive it. However, everything worked out well and here we are in Australia. Everything is great and we really like our new home and country! Thank you very much to ADI Immigration and their team!"

Albert, Skilled Visa & Migration Review Tribunal

"My path to permanent residency was from the very beginning close to idiocy and the whole application initially applied for by myself was incorrect and wrong. I made a lot of mistakes and received a rejection from the Department of Immigration! I had 28 days to leave the country or apply for MRT! I was advised by a friend to turn to ADI, who helped in her application several years prior. Alexander applied for the MRT. I waited a year and was very worried.


My joy knew no bounds after our success at the MRT! We were granted a permanent residency! Now we live in Melbourne and work in IT, having just recently purchased a house. Thank you ADI!"

Ira & Konstantine, Business Visa

"We started working together on April 1. It was a very good two years and the team at ADI and I did a great job at obtaining a permanent visa for me. I would like to mention a view points about this company;

  • Extreme attention to detail throughout all aspects of the process

  • Clear directions on which options and actions need to be taken

  • Fast responses to my any of my questions relating to the documents, nuances of life in Australia, legal guidance and many other things that come to the mind of an eager and curious client

  • Accurate work as per ADI's initial promise through the agreement

  • The ability to find ways out of seemingly dead end situations

  • The sincere attempts of the team at ADI to worry about and attempt to save the peace of mind of it's clients - we were always impatient and waiting for the results or solutions

A few words about us; arrived on a 163 Business Visa in 2011, we love Australia and are having a great time here!"

Timothy, Student, Skilled Visa 

"ADI Immigration was a pleasure to work with; professional, friendly and timely answers to all questions, including stupid ones. ADI were the second immigration agents I started to work with. At first I was using (link and company name removed, editor) whom turned out to be very irresponsible. I lost a lot of time and money, whilst giving myself a bunch of extra work. Eventually I went to another agent. In general, the process with ADI was hassle free and easy. I did not have to fill out forms for the Department of Immigration as I did with the previous agent. I rightfully trusted ADI whom took care of everything from start to finish. The team was very nice and answered all my boring questions whilst supporting me and providing hope and optimism. I hope this helps, Timothy, Melbourne."

Tanya, Protection Visa - Ministerial Intervention

"At first we hired a super expensive and fancy law firm that also delved into immigration. After two years of worry, emotional stress and huge expenses (I paid by the hour!) we received a rejection. Then we applied to the Migration Review Tribunal and again received a rejection. We had in our hands a letter from the Tribunal advising us to leave the country within 28 days. We were introduced to the team at ADI and were advised that although there is minimal hope due, we must keep trying till the very end. ADI prepared a submission to the Minister of Immigration who then revoked the decision of the MRT and the Department of Immigration. To cut a long story short we have been here now for several years and are citizens, we are still friendly with our migration agents, too! That is the story. Tanya, Brisbane."

Avi, Citizenship by descent

"My wife and I separated and she had the children overseas. We decided to try and work on it and I had to get the children documents to come back into Australia. Eli from ADI was very compassionate and was able to deal with our sensitive issue with the highest duty of care. We were told what we need to do, provided Eli with what he requested and waited for only a few weeks until he gave us the good news!"

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